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Rhombus (Gk): "To whirl, spinning top, magic wheel, (Eagles’ wheeling Flight, etc…"


Copyright © 1996, William Buehler, edited from materials from Thoth Raismes as translated and copyrighted by Revs. Simeon and Maia Nartoomid.

CREDIT/CAVEAT: Although most of my cosmology is based on the translations of Thoth Raismes of Aphra as translated by Rev. Maia Nartoomid, this does not suggest that either Thoth or the Rev's. Maia and Simeon Nartoomid would necessarily agree with my use of the information. I have, however tried to stay with one info source, often referring questions to Thoth/Maia mainly to provide a level of continuity to my own approach to these Metatronic systems.

Regarding Thoths' quotes: the Nartoomids have noted: "This material was produced by Rev.'s Simeon and Maia Nartoomid under Johannine Grove of the Machenaim, an esoteric and metaphysical ministry operated from 1995- 2000. Their current ministry is entitled "Spirit Heart Sanctuary" and it is the continuation of the esoteric mystery school in a rarified form know to the world as "sanctuary." Sanctuary being defined here as a pure haven of Spirit, a font of eternal elixir for all to drink from, a Grail Cup of elixir effervescent with the fluidium of non- duality. The website for Spirit Heart Sanctuary can be viewed at . Rev. Maia Nartoomid still operates a website dedicated to the esoteric metaphysical mysteries supported by Spirit Heart Sanctuary at:"


  1. Graphic showing rhombus with L abbreviation.
  2. Lindisfarne Gospels, 1st page: illumined letter L: "Chief Gate." Geometric worksheet. Lindisfarne "L" showing whale and bird, basic geometric lines.

  1. Psalm 118:18-23. A description of two gate systems: Gates of the Righteous (the two Pillars of the Abode) and Gate of the Lord (central rhombus/L or Layooesh Pillar). The "Corner" stone is the "L." The Chief Head/Foundation Stone is the Resh (Reshel system).
  2. Containment field image.


The Eye of Ra (the L is the shorthand version of the golden ratio rhombus) is the life support system in the Reshel (Techad). There's much to say about it and I've tried to collect a few relevant descriptions below that Thoth has said over the years. We have worked with it using the Reshel (ISIS Eye) and Eye of Ra (the rhombus) in actual group configurations. It is also found in notable temples and in Earth grids.

Drawn as a golden ratio Rhombus: An energetic group-configuration shaped like an elongated diamond. Its minor axis, with a unit-length of "one" produces a major axis of 1.618 (governs high frequencies)... or 2.618 (governs low frequencies).... The rhombus is a major dynamic giving the group a major ability for manifesting and time access. The Eye of Ra also contains the "L-Gate" which is used in shifting reality frames.

Q: "What is the nature of the rhombic geometric (Eye of Ra)?"

A (Thoth): "What you are asking is a complex study. Very simply, and we stress, this is a very simple definition; its function is an enfolding of time apertures along the EVENT HORIZON, the latter which is very simply defined as the moment time and space identify one another's reality and create from that reality reference points or sequences. These sequences allow both universal continua to 'keep track' or respond to the other, which in turn forms variant reality packages or conic flows within which engramic codes, like receptive nerves tentacle into the fabric of matter; matter being formed through the intensifying of these 'identity referencing' sequences. The rhombic dynamic then, with its enfolding process, creates torus 'holes' around which intense magnetic fields are enfolding. When Light ships travel through dimensions, they lock onto the holes rather than the torus energy which composes our sense of matter, dimension and reality. They can then instantly slip through the holes and manifest within the desired torus field."


Now I will add a very simple description of our "Flashing Universe" (which Thoth has concurred in). Then I will introduce a note of Maia's from her UNITY PRINCIPLES which I think refers to the Flashing Universe dynamic. Remembering that the rhombus (L gate) is the mechanism for linking realities in radically differing realms.

This is my own text.

The idea of a "flashing" universe is known however not much on how or why it works. We get into it with some of our configurations but it is only useful for group leaders to understand the basics, mainly to keep a picture in what is happening in the flow of the group procedure. It is mentioned here since it does explain some of the more advanced phenomena that beginning groups are experiencing.

We should not confuse these three universe modes with the Three Millennia or Three Continua cosmology which have to do with time continua and the explanation of our fallen continuum and our evolution.

There are three primary modes. There is the

COMPRESSION or MIND UNIVERSE, the one we are used to, using the 5 Platonic solids as grid frames;

LIGHT UNIVERSE that alternates with the manifested format. It is shaped like a torus, created by pulling the sphere of the manifested format inside-out;

NEUTRA UNIVERSE where the whole cosmos is in a neutral state, neither in Light nor manifested by mind. This is the transition mode between the LIGHT and MANIFEST formats.

Restated: as we move from the Compression mode, more a reality of "mind", to the Light or torus mode, we move through the Neutra Mode of the Selah which is the "most" real of the three. There is a constant cycling at all levels in all realms so far as we are guessing.

Keeping in mind the three modes of the Flashing Universe, the following might be better understood but probably won't be. It might be useful in trying to get a handle on things (again, channeled/translated via Maia):

Quotes are from Maia Nartoomid, from "UNITY PRINCIPLES" (unpublished notes); at this time we think that the "Three Universes" correlate with the three modes of the "Flashing Universes":

MAIA: "The infinity of the universe or more accurately: universes, is found within the limitless interactions of energy and dimension. Space is not the final frontier as it is bound within the framework of a cosmic order. There are three major divisions of the universes' dimensional fields which could be perceived as three separate but interdependent universes in themselves. The universe in which we ambulate could be depicted as the positively charged universe. The universe on the opposite spectrum of cosmic distillation is then the negatively charged universe. As a separating and balancing vacuum the neutral universe is poised between the two charged uni-states. Although, to help digest this scenario, we can visualize the placement of the 'Big-Three' as a cosmological sandwich, there is no physical three dimensional direction involved. The placement of the universes are exacted by their properties and the relationship of those properties to the whole.

"In the dimensions of the universes where space is existent, there is a principle of continuum termed here as the hyper-magneto grid. It is a spider's lacework of diverging, intersecting, spiraling and convoluting invisible lines which serve as linkage to the intellect control center, feeding information into that center and adjusting spatial symmetry according to the feedback impulses of the command control. The hyper-magneto grid issues a hyper-state of magnetic wave. These waves, flowing along their tracks, are variable in their ability to regulate the governing of space to time and energy by altering or progressing the impulse codes governing the dimensional elasticity of the spatial area. And so we are dispatched from the flat earth of Columbus' age into the midst of a breathing universe through the fluxes of the hyper-magneto as it is expanding and simultaneously contracting.

"As the incoming and outgoing hyper-magnetic waves are acting on both the positive universe and the negative counterpart, total universal expansion is not possible for as the hyper-wave is incoming in one dimension, it is counterbalanced as outgoing on the other, creating a perfect dipole effect, regulating all motion so that it does not exceed the order established and result in permanent chaos. From our pinhole view, the galaxies seem to be racing away from us in a red shift of accelerated retreat because we are positioned upon the grid so that our scopic relativity is witnessing the expanding wave. Optically and sonically we are entrained to the outgoing hyper-wave. There are exceptions ... those matter systems closer to us which are within our range of relativity are not receding as the farther the object in space the greater hyper-magnetic intensity which causes the greater appearance of acceleration. That is not to say that motion is not a demanding force in the universe. Motion is the most prominent method of 'change of stare' in the universal continuum. However as energy is accelerated past the speed of light it affects a change in dimension, releasing it from its present dimensional focus to another dimension-plane. It is then capable of sustaining the state into which it has been re-formed through the displacing laws of space-time which are activated through spectral acceleration."


Now I'm quoting from Temple Doors, Vol 2-97, pg 28, regarding the Aeriopax. The Aeriopax is a specific format generated within the primary Techad breastplate, one of many, but the Aeriopax appears to be the main format and also the one best describing the Grail.

(Thoth): "The Aeriopax harmonic is a grid of time reality exchange. Once activated, the grid allows the passage between multi-lateral time fields without distortion.

"There are 16 reference nodes: those points of synapse which create a referral of information through the grid. There are 6 matrices in which to create virtual reality fields and the rhombic spinning field in the center. This spinning field is the 'time tunnel' or vehicle for movement within the entire process (WSB Note: this spinning field appears to relate to the Eye of Ra or L dynamic).

"The parallel bar is the 'core accelerator': charging, discharging, and maintaining the energy separation between realities. Without the core accelerator all interacting realities would become enmeshed in one another ...something like wadding bundles of chewing gum together and then trying to separate them."

Continuing with Aeriopax notes from various sources but compiled in the TD reference. I believe that the below reference speaks of the L gates noted in Psalm 118: 18-24 in its "Gates of Righteousness" (ie the double diamond or two L's in the Reshel) and "This Gate of the Lord..." which is the single, main L-field as a rhombic shape duplicating the two others. The Psalm goes on with "The stone which the builders (elimated, ignored or refused) is become the head-stone of the corner." We see the "resh" pole in the Resh-El as its translated from Hebrew: the Chief Head Stone. The "corner", which it is or becomes, is the "L" or rhombus.

(Thoth) "The central diamond is the flashing 'double diamond' now in place in Crestone, Colorado. What had not yet been installed was the full Aeriopax/Isis Eye field. This needs to be brought down through the double diamond and set into the etheric."

"…we form a spinning wheel of emerald Light around us. From this wheel we se the Aeriopax arise, each of the 16 points fiery Yods from the ‘Book of Life.’ The 6 fields within the boundaries of the points are quickened as windows of crystal containing the libraries of all Earth dimensions. We set this Living Merkabah of the Aeriopax upon the Land…"


There are two methods of drawing the golden ratio Rhombus. Both have been observed in different works.

  1. An energetic group-configuration shaped like an elongated diamond. Its minor axis, with a unit-length of "one" produces a major axis of 1.618 (governs high frequencies)... or 2.618 (governs low frequencies).... The rhombus is a major dynamic giving the group a major ability for manifesting and time access. The Eye of Ra also contains the "L-Gate" which is used in shifting reality frames.
  2. There is another and more accurate construction of the golden ratio "L" triangle, this is found with the Great Pyramid, determining its 51.8 degree slope angle. (Shown in Ref. 1.) If the base of the golden ratio right triangle is "1", and the hypotenuse is phi (1.618), then the altitude of the right triangle is 1.272+ or the square root of phi. This triangle's slope angle (of the Great Pyramid) is found in the Reshel's "Threshold of Sythia" pole which also pivots the Haepathia (Tetrahedron)... there are two of these points in the Reshel's event horizon (teleplane), in each half of the Reshel's male and female interactive form.

The rhombus shape is found by connecting the Reshels' POOLS OF THE MOON /LIFE /SINN to the Glory (tsadey) poles (apex of the Great Pyramid) for the high frequency rhombus and to the KRONOS poles for the low frequency rhombus. The Kronos apex is found by using the hypotenuse phi squared or 2.618, with the new base line from the Pool of the Moon pole as a unit of "1" (a value of .7904 of the "original 1 unit"), so the altitude distance to the Kronos is 2.069. The altitude distance of the pentagon, using the Pools of the Moon points as its base, is 2.434. (I have this shown in Ref. 1. I checked my figures three times but that may mean I just duplicated any error thrice.)

It should be understood that the L-Gate or rhombus can operate and not have golden ratio proportions however the g-r provides the best access to and from the more refined divine foci.



(Thoth) " The simplest description is to might make the point that the "L" is the working symbol for transferring reality codes from one time realm to another. (WSB: As St. Columba used it, we think correctly, the L in its vertical axis carries the codes for this time continuum which are carried from another primary vertical pillar or L-axis reality via the horizontal bar that will transfer into the "horizontal axis" reality.)

"The only thing that you might change is the connection between "Right" as an L shift and "RIGHTeousness." Yes, righteousness is demanded when operating gates but you are on shaky ice when trying to make the word connection in English. If you wish to pursue this connection you might make the point that the "L", in its vertical axis carries the codes of one reality that will transfer into the "horizontal axis" reality in the shift." (WSB: Righteousness in Hebrew is "to be correct, just, prosperous, virtuous, and to cleanse the self." Note "Gates of Righteousness" in Psalm 118:18-24.)

1. Excerpt from my Chiswick commentary: "The decoration in the quarter-domes is the rhombus shape, the same mechanism used in the main geometry. Each rhombus has a smaller one inside it; this is a special situation Found in the Hebrew protosiniatic letter Yud. It was drawn as an L shape: a bent arm with an open hand, thumb up. The open hand and thumb form the 2nd and smaller L or rhombus. I still do not know the function of this
double-rhombus but it is critical in the working of the divine creation process and it appears between the divine creation field (aleph) and the double sphere (split stone, etc.) of the letter qwoph. It also works with the number 10 (asher)."

Q) I see the Yud as the double L/rhombus but don't know why or what a double rhombus would do. Request an explanation please.

(A) The point where all this universe's ley lines converge. It is a pin-point of "leakage" into and from the next universe. From the Eye of Ra (also called the "Heliomar" by Thoth) is emitted the pristine, creation-substance into this universe. The double-dynamic of the "Eye" is a blinking effect that is a "flashing double-diamond," responding to the quasar-like pulsing of the touching of the two universes.

The double Rhombus as a creational dynamic of the universe acts as a "heart pump" bringing IN the new blood/breath and OUT the old. In other words, energy that no longer serves the updated programs is re-cycled through the universal rhombus dynamic.

2. It appears that the church: "St. Germaine de Clairefeuille (bright leaf)" in France is the center of the L grid you pointed out contained as part of the first, Astara, grid I found. Further, you once noted that there is a St. Germain presence in Edinburgh.

(Q) Request a name for the L-grid contained within the Astara Grid.

(A) "Reims" (reems) (a bend or turn...a movement into)

3. (Q) Why would the two rhombus' Men and Zyn (Pillars of the Abode) be merged in the center concentric with the Resh pole?

(A) Group orientation to merging dual programs...a step towards a ONE axis system.

4. (Q) What is the special effect of ALMOST merging them? My theory is that the close overlap intensifies their effect but still maintains needed stability for the central pillar. But this is only a crude appraisal and I'd really appreciate knowing more about this dynamic.

(A) Desire and action to do so more important that complete success. Remember, as you observe / perceive, so you alter / create. "Importance" lies with the individual(s) and not the task.

From TEMPLE DOORS, Vol. 2-97, pg 29:

"Let us briefly look at the Eye of Ra for a moment. Thoth has told us that when the Universal Tear in consciousness occurred, the Eye of Ra was exposed. It is an intersection point of universal ley lines, much as there are intersections for ley lines upon the Earth, many of which are referred to as power points or vortices. So what Thoth is indicating here is that the Isis Eye holds the key to healing the Universal Tear in consciousness, for that must be healed before the Eye of Ra may "return to Source". It is the healing of this macro-cosmic aspect of duality that will allow the universal fabric to re-assume its cohesive ebb and flow, with the Eye of Ra being returned to its greater function of passing information between the higher Light worlds freely. The current condition is such that guardianing matrices such as the Telos.Aarkhara' have been installed upon the Eye of Ra to prevent 'fractured reality energy / information from moving freely through this portal into the unviolated universes.

"Thoth gives us an analogy to help us better understand the 'wedding' that must take place between the Aerlopax / Isis Eye and the Eye of Ra. He says that we can view the Eye of Ra as the living matter within a Nautilus, and the Isis Eye as the shell. Currently the Eye of Ra has been built a 'nest' where it is safe, but it is not able to take that nest with it, as does the Nautilus carry its home on its back. The 'wedding' of the Eye of Ra and the Eye of Isis will give the former its mobility and full range of function once again."

ORIGINAL INSTRUCTION TO THE "SHEKINAH GROVE MATRIX" (SGM) from Synthesizer Vol 4, No. 3, August 2, 1993:

"The Rhombic Dynamic is much too advanced for its use by SGM, at least in this lifetime. It is a highly sophisticated science appropriate for the next Millennium however SGM may use it in certain closely controlled situations where the rhombus pure-symbol is contained within a superior energism ... for example the Cube-of-Stars. The pure symbol may be used in your TAV (Telos Aarkhara) Project, which format can be provided to you soon. our idea of inserting the rhombus as the "Inner-Four" within the 8-point SPINNER is too advanced for the SGM now or in the near future. Knowledge of it is useful in understanding the Dynamic but is not to be employed.


"The Rhombus is the core of the Spirit-to-Matter interchange. As such it is a powerful device in the manifestation process. it flows in a linear field but in a different order of randomness and time sequencing. Your present cosmetrics (ie the group configurations, previously described as some of the most sophisticated systems used on the planet; WSB) have been progressively developed to permit safe group conditioning and application however, to use the Rhombic Dynamic, you would have to know the science fully at the start - with the exception of the few simple applications you may use in the TAV Project. Although "simple", this is a relative term, their use is still the most powerful application you will have employed and should not be taken lightly. The METATRONIC vibration is of the Sacred Essence."

(NOTE: This "simple" procedure has been given to us and is described at the end of this article.)


At that time (1993) we were using the Eye of Ra to access KORBOLA which is a Solarian "Living City" were even the stone is living. This city is in 9001 CE by present time. It is located on the present mountain of Masada. Our intention was to contact the GUARDIANS OF KORBOLA. The Korbolans suggested a specific prayer to contact them using Metatronic and Christic connections. The prayer is:

May Grace manifest within us a perfected universe.

Streams of fire from the Central Flame carry our Spirit to wed the Metatron in all the power of His coming. (Note: ‘His’ refers to the Christ.)

Rushing of the psalms through the throats of doves return to Her bosom, all. (Note: ‘Her’ is the divine Goddess.)

Link by link, the chains respond to the heat of the Shining Presence, melting into one heart of gold.

Hail to the Guardians of the Vault: the Bear, Wolf, Lion, Unicorn, Phoenix, Dolphin, Dove, Cameron and the Dyphus.

Seal the ring, bind the stone, open the crown; we await entrance…

(At this point we awaited access, signified by a prearranged pure symbol appearing. We used three predesignated persons to image the symbol together, all seeing it. The pure symbol was a Diamond Dove, flashing. At this point we would do the breathing and inversion of the Eye of Ra.)



Individual use a quartz crystal about 3’, vertical, below the chair. Group uses one in the center. The purpose of the crystal is to indicate efficiency. When it is warm after an Eye of Ra procedure it indicates that molecular structure is being affected. If the crystal is "rimed" (as with rime frost) or cloudy as with crushed ice it indicates that the process is not yet efficient. Crystals should be cleansed both before and after use by imaging it ice and melt the ice, evaporating the vapor. If it does not disappear or if not sure it is melting use alternate red and green light on it. Finish by bathing it in cool high frequency blue light.

Advanced work by the group may have 4 crystals in the center. This will boost energy and help with level. Check with the mentors before using 4. Place them around the center crystal (5 in all). Use the Eye of Ra rhombus oriented North. Mark the crystals with their directions for each usage; they should be in the same positions. Use quartz unless otherwise asked.

Ref. 4: This shows the "Cube of Stars" …pretend there are stars in the cube. The rhombus (in red) is within the cube. The spiral (in purple) penetrates the cube and the spiral to its center. Use this for imaging the Eye of Ra entry and exit.


CAUTION: This procedure may be dangerous or may leave the operator with disconnected awareness. Use only with competent Metatronic innerplanes mentor's oversight.

BE ALERT FOR ENERGY OVER-EXPOSURE while in the process. With this process we are taking more control on our own. The critical point will be in the breathing process. If your forehead develops a sharp pain, tune down or out and clear the rhombus via the opposite spin, informing the group leader.

SEQUENCE: The group unify as one Center pole using the Moving Selah. Do not consciously attempt to become a rhombic configuration. The INTENT is simply to exercise the group in making an effective link with the METATRONIC SPIRAL. The next intention might be to only link with Korbolon priests in the Isle of Mana, having Ascension project overview under the Michael Mandate. Or as instructed specifically by innerplane's mentor.

1ST STEP: Starting the sequence the group begin by forming a rhombus by using the Moving Selah after recentering in Spirit. While doing this IMAGE An EYE OF RA CENTERED WITHIN A CUBE OF STARS. (Note Ref. 4) The purpose of this is to confine the cosmetric within a superior containment field: a "Vault."

2ND STEP: IMAGING THE GOLDEN SPIRAL WITH ITS ORIGIN IN THE CENTER OF THE RHOMBUS AND THE "TAIL" OUTSIDE THE RHOMBUS. FOLLOW THE SPIRAL INTO THE CENTER, CCW. Whatever direction of rotation you use remember that you will be exiting the rhombus in an opposite rotation. (This should be done with any process involving Time projection in any form. )

3RD STEP: PULL THE RHOMBIC STRUCTURE INTO YOURSELF VIA THE SOLAR PLEXUS. Become the form; put the upper apex in the crown area and the bottom in the feed. The center is in the Eden Point below the sternum.

4th STEP: BEGIN A SPECIAL BREATHING SEQUENCE: 1 LONG BREATH AND 2 SHORT. REPEAT THIS SEQUENCE UNTIL YOU FEEL A SLIGHT PRESSURE IN YOUR FOREHEAD. You are now at the point of manifestation. However you will not attempt to manifest anything other than contact with the METATRONIC vibration or as previously decided by the group.

5th STEP: TURN THE RHOMBUS INSIDE-OUT. That is, invert the apices, top to feet and vice versa through the center. Do your best to imagine it even if not "feeling" it.

RETURN TO "PRESENT" SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM BY LEAVING THE RHOMBUS BY THE SAME SPIRAL AWAY FROM ITS CORE BUT SPINNING CW (or opposite to the entry spin direction). Return into the Selah and convert it into the WHITE-SELAH.

(Remember to check the center crystal for warmth.)

COMMENT: Eventually all members will automatically synchronize the steps. The process will still work however even if not synchronized. (Person first out, remember to check the crystal for heat.)


This process was provided by Thoth (via Maia) to the Shekinah Grove Matrix light groups:

"KYOPTOS" or 12 STATIONS OF ANUBIS (WOLF): Guardians of the TOTEM (Temple of the Emerald Mar). A RING-PASS-NOT as well as an advanced containment field: It is a complex procedure amounting to a whole mystery school in Egypt. Present groups may use the process as an advanced Ring-Pass-Not and when work in the Middle Earth or low frequency exposure is expected. The WOLF is the Anubis cognate for North America; it is a protector and guide. The Anubis-Wolf does not tolerate indecisive intention or clouded mental focus. The group must be very clear in its intent and the work must be of an order that would invoke divine agencies. The process once was used to "Open the Mouth", ie the consciousness at the pineal, to open a passage through the chaos in the underworld, uses a Solar Consciousness. This is an advanced procedure.

PROCEDURE: Image 12 wolves in passive mode: sitting, lying. Start a white point of light circling the ring CW. Then add a purple point of light CCW; merge the two. See the wolves as actively moving and materialized in the ring of light. Image an eagle over the center of the group with bands of golden light projecting from the ring up to the eagle, to form a golden cone. Dissolve the wolves in the golden light. Recite the mantra: "ALL THAT HOLDS SACRED WITHIN, LET THE RING-PASS-NOT BEGIN!". Tone "RA".

(Another CONTAINMENT FIELD previously mentioned in using this process is the CUBE OF STARS, Ref. 4.)