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By William Buehler,

(Crestone, Colorado; 2006)

“Behold I lay in Sion a chief corner stone, a chosen corner stone, precious and he that believeth on it (him) shall not be confounded.” (1 Peter 2:6)

SUBJECT: Announcing a complex new grid system of major proportions and impact. Called the "Imtara Rhis" grid.



AUTHOR'S FOREWORD: This system is the largest and most complex I've encountered; its hard-driven me to even begin to come up to it since its mainly a consciousness grid as a state of being, with much fewer actual physical grounding points. The geometry is only to help describe function;

the geographic width would be from North Cape, Norway, to well within the North American NE area, grounding in Nova Scotia.

The discovery of heliotropic action... the grid tracks the Sun constantly and has "rider" grids connected with the rotating basic system... provided necessary training in simply opening this new grid's complexity. (The heliotrope at Rosslyn provided the most information in this regard... there were quite a few physical links in this one, one telling us that the Clan Sinclair Templars knew of it.) The heliotrope at Glastonbury was the first I've enountered.

Faith Starlight, Canadian, learned to use the rhombic "L-Gate" (Eye of Ra, used in the Reshel), making an outstanding link with the Korbolan priests on the Holy Isle of Mana. This link is into the agencies in the three Holy Islands: Ruta, Mana, and Icaria who are working in nonlinear Time to facilitate the Ascension. Although I did my own grid work the foundational contact with the Korbolans, via Faith, has been essential to accuracy and my work has been overseen by the Island groups... with a number of corrections suggested by them. Our go-between is "Atla Bryn Ma" on Mana, translated by Faith (example follows).

The complex systems grew from the basic design found in the chart in the Zeno Narrative (a mystery writing describing Henry Sinclair's expedition to the Americas in 1398 CE. Ref 1A is an excerpt from that chart showing the encoded grids. Reshel knowledge was needed to decode the grids). The development of the Imtara Rhis grid and related light group work appears to complete that project started in 1398, now in the Ascension phase.

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the grid, of many, is the central core beam as a "Pillar of Life" (in keeping with the Maitri Upanishad 2.6 and Genesis' 5 rivers/lands creating Eden). Each time the group has worked with the Pillar we have noted that it contains Life patterns/codes and DNA correspondents. It appears that the grid is capable of scanning back in Time over the roughly half-million years of linear Time, sorting codes for the New Race (Malechium) in the 19 reality cycles (including this one) and organizing them with a synthesis in the central Pillar. (3 concentric pillars: Zoi, Arien-Moi-Ra, Heya-Eyhe).

I think that, in terms of organizing consciousness, this and associated grids will form the essential functions to be found in the Malechium racial DNA molecule. (Remembering that the molecule will have to adapt to the Flashing Universes' 3 modes... it will have 3 forms.)

This paper is only a very general overview of the subsystems. A full explanation is needed but its contingent on my health, not possible at this time.


This is an example of the high quality of input we have from the Korbolan (Isle of Mana) link, Atla Bryn Ma, via Fraith Starlight. The specific term I asked to be described is one of the main central pillars' several templates:

 "The name: "Arien-Moi-Ra"-----Lion like Golden Light, signal, beacon, or flare;

 "As a Lion is strong so too am I as I move the energies into activation like a signal, beacon or flare in a Golden Light shining brightly in glorious freedom. I work quietly, silently and in stillness flowing like a brook or stream to channel energy to where it is most needed.

 "To do this I must pay attention, to heed, listen, discern and then to flow as a mighty river or torrent that rushes towards a cataract to fall freely to a basin or channel and come to rest again quietly and silent until I am called upon again into a service of the Heart.

 "Atla Bryn Ma"


A Metatronic grid employing Reshel systems. This is mainly a Planetary "Consciousness" or state-of-being mode of grid system but it has important physical anchoring points. Its basic system was coded into a chart found in the ZENO NARRATIVE, a "mystery writing" describing the Sinclair Grail Expedition to the Americas in 1398 CE. The Zeno Chart (extract Ref 1A) graphed the main "Grail Dynamic" being installed via the expedition and larger project; at that time in 1400 CE major Ascension foundations, including formation of Nations and Cultures were being formed. That process is now being executed and is far along in its evolution. The Imtara Rhis is the major upgrade of the early installation anticipating the Iroquois Confederation and infusion of the European, Asian, African peoples into the new nations (Planet's right brain).



"IMTARA-RHIS": Imtara Rhis: "Strong whirlwind, guiding, spiraling force, also name for Goddess spirals." (Thoth/Maia)



Agencies in the Three Holy Islands: Mana, Icaria, and Ruta (in nonlinear Time) are presently working together to install programs and grids advancing the Ascension. The grid that concerns me is the Imtara Rhis although our groups have worked with others listed below. The systems are listed with a few words describing the Afri-Ra Domonite and Chante grids:

AFRI-RA DOMONITE (described by Atla Bryn Ma on Mana, translated by Faith Starlight):

 “This grid has four Heliotropes that are situated on the ends of each of the four arms of the Maltese Cross; the center of this grid is a Sun Tracker and is also The Lions Gate.

 “Its primary purpose is to accept guardianship of Solar Law. It accepts the Solar Logos and guardians the word through the Solar Laws and through the Telos Aarkhara. The Lion is a symbol of the guardianship of all Solar Law and the Solar Logos; the Solar Logos is within all Solar Law.

 ‘The Lion receives Light Codes which it will forward to other grids and to them who use/work with these grids; the transfer is done energetically. Because of this it acts independently of other grids as a balancer.

 “It is a "Voice" because it "corrects" actions of other grids that are against Solar Law. It acts in concert with grids, when all are harmonious and at-one with All. Its uniqueness here results from its ability to correct human interaction that is contrary to Solar Law thus keeping all balanced and singing the song of creation.

 “Its interaction with other grids with Sun Tracker systems may supercede the guidance within that grid to bring it back in balance if there is a need to do so. Thus grids like the Imtara Rhis bow to the Solar Law as guardianed by The Lion of the Afri-Ra Domonite Grid.”

 This grid connects to the following through the Michael Mandate:

 Imtara Rhis (Refs 1-2)

 Titan Oceanus

Ali Aarat

Tara-Ma (Chante Grid)

 “The CHANTE GRID is an old grid that pre-dates the Second Golden Age. We recently reactivated it and we will be anchoring it/joining it to the Hawaiian Roil Point quite soon at the instruction of both Thoth and Metatron.

 “Its function will be a Lunar One and will connect to the heart of the Titan Oceanus and will bridge the Sun Tracker of the Shekinah Heliotrope with Mt. Haleakala in the Hawaiian Roil Point.

 “As a lunar energy it connects to the Pools of the Moon and Mt. Tabor, both having lunar energies. As more grids come on-line, the Chante Grid will have a more expanded focus.”



1. Zeno Chart grid upgrade of the basic chart of 1398 CE, more or less complete now. Proposed names for systems are listed here for the whole system. This has already had a few months of Light Group work beginning sequential activation and work-up in major systems with excellent results. The "new race" (Malechium) DNA appears to be a large part of the codes being processed. Recent group action finds this Matrix to include the whole Planet, in an outer shell.

2. Intentions: Continue expansion of the listed grid elements using the Crestone light group. Other light groups might wish to participate also.

The Hierarchy will also be using other individuals and other Light Groups to anchor elements of these grids as well as the one above.

3. Projection: Possible model for the new DNA Molecule. Would assume that this Imtara Rhis Matrix would be one "teledisk" in a torus section with many "sections" representing what is now seen as the "ladder" effect of a spiral shaped molecule. The molecule would be viewed as a torus flashing into a sphere or "Pillar-Heap" dynamic. Spirals within the torus would connect the vital poles in the teledisk sections. This planetary system would be microcosmic, relatively, as a molecule. The outer shell of the torus would probably correlate with the "Chen-Aur Tara-Malechium" wheel in Ref 1. There would be outer fields with the external systems included probably seen as refined molecular templates.

4. Important Item with present application: Extension of the ROSE LINE in ocean areas north of Thurso with vital inputs not used before.

5. Important long range application: Synthesis of the 20 Cycles (over half a million years of linear Time, this continuum).




1. takes awhile to load. Grid names

1A. Excerpt from the Zeno Chart. Shows original basic coded grid.

1B. The basic Heliotrope and "rider" for the whole system. (The Hub has its own spinner locked on Mazuriel, Heart of God.)

2. 3.47 KB...awhile loading. Schematic for the Ami-Om-Ma spinner.



5. f Chenow-Kim Sada-Ma model. (Refs 3-5)

6. Zoi and Heya-Esha Pillars (Layooesh), core beam, cup, etc.

7. Chenow-Kim Sada-Ma grid.

8. Conforti Ur Helios Unicorn and Eagle overlay.

9. Example: Rosslyn's heliotrope, with numerous physical links.

10. Example: Rosslyn's heliotrope tracks sun, "rider" system tracks moon, other stellar events.

11. Interesting stone offset in church corner, key to finding the Rosslyn heliotrope.




These are the relevant grid names, summarized. I've added a very brief summary of what I think each grid is doing. These are only very wide ranging estimates on my part, of their functions, very brief. The translations are those of Atla Bryn Ma of Korbola, Isle of Mana (Solarian headquarters, main temples), translated by Faith Starlight. The translations from the Hebrew are my own. Some of these grids are not in the Imtara Rhis but are complementary.



Chante (Tara-Ma): Heartsong (Mother's Song): Acts as the Ark of An: interfaces elect-mag earth energies with human DNA



Sun tracker: Aria-Anii Helios



Afri-Ra Dolmonite:



Sun tracker: Kuntan Mar Helios (both Helios systems controled by the Solar Lords, work in tandem.



Imtara Rhis: "Strong whirlwind, guiding, spiraling force, also name for Goddess spirals."


This grid is the overall matrix of all the sub grid sub-systems noted below.


Assumed to operate in nonlinear time under the joint control of Solarian agencies in the 3 Holy Islands of Icaria, Ruta, and Mana. There are (1) three major subsystems that correlate with the functions of the three axes found in the Hathor Temple (Dendera) zodiacal ceiling with some added subsystems and (2) a Central Hub that reproduces all functions in a micro-merkaba field, possibly in one or combination of temples on Ruta, possibly the Temple of the Northern Gate.

CENTRAL HUB and subsystems:


RUTA-SAR-HANOK (Ruta-Shar-Chenowk): The whole central hub system.


(Atla notes: "We also suggest that you consider that the name is the energetic. Thus the function should be to understand the complexity that this engenders and instead realize that it is its simplicity that allows the flow to become what the part's focus is to the whole."


NAME: Name relates to the Sar Hanok Temple on Ruta. I hope to use much the same energetic dynamic.


DESCRIPTION: The boundries of this system are less physically defined than its outer systems. I am assuming that the grid is a template of a number of systems mainly using the Sar-Hanok and employing an Aitamkaphta (Ptah Hold) application. The central hub processes all incoming codes and operates the periphiral grids of the Imtara Rhis.


1. Rutan temple "Sar-Hanok" (Dragon Star: Melchezedik) which is centered by a tabular 12-faced crystal called the "Mobad" (Crystal Round). Composed of 4 axes in a spinner controled by one heliotrope. I am assuming that the table is a TELEPLANE with two horizontal surfaces, top and bottom of the crystal table. The reality frames/templates being integrated are done in this table, its real center and its temporal two planes.

2. Hathor Temple at Dendera: Central system models the Hathor Temple (Dendera) astrological ceiling, with its 3 axes. There is a 4th axis: the Mazuriel-Helios. This system spins independantly of the Helios Shekinah and its other two axes/systems. The system uses the MAZURIEL-HELIOS to carry it around along with the other axes. This is the Hub's main heliotrope.

3. Core Beam: a combination of the (1) Zoi Pillar ...pure, uncoded Life from divine Source, (2) Skittuim Pillar includes Maha-Ratri membrane in the Oritronic realm; this links with the Maha Rhim in the Metatronic realm ... forms the "Field of Deliverance." (3) the Avatalkim pillar (Individual extension of the 44:44 Star Grail dynamic to individuals. These will be linked within the SINGLE template: "Layooesh Pillar." Other pillar templates will be added to form a synergic unified Core Beam. (4) The core beam employs the Reshel and Eye of Ra combination to process all functions; the Reshel is a combination of many subsystems cycling via the Flashing Universe dynamic. This is described in the Ptah Hold file, the long name being "Aitamkaphta." There are two more pillar-templates (following), the Heya-Ehye and Zrien-Moi-Ra pillars.


3A: HEYA-EHYE PILLAR: Central pillar in the Hub, the Core Beam. Processes divine codes creating Form in terms of "Asher/Resha." Inserts the magna-souls into the Life transference systems (Heya and Ehye) as dual dipoles in the Dion Couplet.


NAME: The "I AM" spelled in two directions, 4 souls (2 couples) when the word is drawn in Hebraic glyphs. Two directions suggest a double flow, up and down. "Life" (Zoii pillar) and code processors are suggested.


DESCRIPTION: An androgynous center pillar or "Core Beam", Heya-Ehye is the name given the synergic composite of the phenomenal pillar templates noted above. In the Ptah Hold format it is masculine processor (but androgynous: Heya Ehye: I Am in two directions, two souls in each so androgynous dual poles) including the uncoded Life system. This male pillar interacts with the female pillars in the outer ring of the larger grid. The ring of synthesis, using the Dion Couplet system, correlate with central pillars/trees and is named the Asherim Pillar. The pillar models the O'Aton Omkharis pillar in the Ptah Hold; Heya-Ehye synthesizes all incoming codes, stored in the central "Mobad" teleplane matrix formed around the Heya-Ehye pillar.


3B: ARIEN-MOI-RA PILLAR: Complements the Central uncoded pillar (Life: Zoi-Pillar centers all pillars). Atla asked that this name be changed to Arien-Moi-Ra which is more energtically flowing to this function.


NAME: "Arien-Moi-Ra"-----(Atla Byrn Ma) “Lion like Golden Light, signal, beacon, or flare; As a Lion is strong so too am I as I move the energies into activation like a signal, beacon or flare in a Golden Light shinning brightly in glorious freedom. I work quietly, silently and in stillness flowing like a brook or stream to channel energy to where it is most needed.


“To do this I must pay attention, to heed, listen, discern and then to flow as a mighty river or torrent that rushes towards a cataract to fall freely to a basin or channel and come to rest again quietly and silent until I am called upon again into a service of the Heart.”


DESCRIPTION: My own interpretation of the above quote is the LION/LEON relates to the Lion Gate in the WHOLOS format (copied in Ref 8). The Lion guards divine law, guardian of the Gate(s) into and out of this conitnuum reality. It would discern all codes and keys, permitting only That which is resonant with the Divine Harmonic of Universal Accord to function within its guarded system. (Also review of the HOLOS is appropriate, previously distributed; see "Prayer of the Temple Graces" by Thoth/Maia.)


3C. ZOII PILLAR: Life: Zoi-Pillar centers all pillars.


NAME: From the Ptah Hold file, there called the ZOI Pillar. The double "ii" in lower case, is the Selah aspect.


DESCRIPTION: Provides the foundation for all pillar actions. Concentric with the Heya-Ehye Pillar and others. Correlate with the Tree of Life.


4. MOBAD VAULT. Central codes reservoir and creation matrix duplicating the whole Imtara Rhis actions but in a small "control" or Round Table dynamic where the whole grid can be manipulated and all contacts made with all agencies in one control-center.


NAME: Taken from the Mobad crystalic table in the Sar Hanok temple. The "Vault" simply says that it is used as a teleplane reality frame. Central pillar complements the Mobad table as described above in the Central Hub section. The "Pillar and Heap" dynamic has the pillar centering the "Heap" as a light crystal matrix called the "Mobad." (Gen 31:45-32:2: Pillar and Heap, Dion Couplet)


DESCRIPTION: The MOBAD is a 12 faced crystal table used in the center of the Sar-Hanok temple at Ruta. I'm using the same name (for now) for a teleplane light matrix crystalic field using the combined Mazaroth (its higher aspects) and Metatronic Mazaloth zodiacal fields to integrate and continually process the basic field and its "clones of opportunity"...reality frames duplicating the basic for specific reasons. These reality frames or "vaults" are created and discreated by the Reshel/Eye of Ra overall managment system. Every person around the Mobad also uses his/her own Reshel system. (The Reshel forms the key AERIOPAX dynamic, one of the vital reality frames, the Vault of the 3000 Lotum.)


5. DIONE COUPLET: a dual dipole creation mechanism using two poles (dipoles) with a central creation field, itself having a central pillar or "Tree."


6. MAZURIEL HELIOS: A heliotropic rider in the Hathor Temple Celiing, incorportated into support of the basic 3 axes. It is used in the central Hub matrix.


NAME: Mazuriel is the Heart of God (Manifest) in the Atassic Universe (of all universes). Assumed to be critical for all actions in all universes.


DESCRIPTION: Found in the Hathor Temple Ceiling as a Reshel system using Mazuariel (Denebola) and the twin stars Pythum and Aculus as Pools of Life/Moon. The central axis is the heliotropic tracker; I have assigned the Helios rider to track Denebola, Leo's gate into the Golden Star MAZUARIEL, in this rising continuum. The main axis also feeds into the Conforti Ur axis.




1. HELIOS-SHEKINAH (Helios-Shekinah) "House of the Sun": NS to Shetland grid, heliotrope )


1R: WHOLOS-MA.CHENIM HELIOS: (WHOLOS-Ma.Chenim Helios), rider in above heliotrope. Tracks all events, agencies related to Helio-Mar and Solar/Lunar, Stellar actions channeled through our local Sun.


NAME: "WHOLOS" is the Universal seeding format, Ma is the Goddess so this would be a "Goddess Seed/Womb" Chenim relate to the "3-Chens" of basic creation: the Form, Pillar/Connective, and Grace factor. "Helios" indicates that its a spinner related to tracking Helio-Mar related events/data. The HOLOS is found in the Prayer of the Temple Graces (Thoth/Maia).


2. TOMA CHE-ANONRAEL: (Tome Che-AnOnRaEl): Central axis of the three that are moved by the Helios-Shekinah heliotrope, patterning the Hathor Temples'

3 axes. Synthesizes the actions of the two axes on either side. Locks onto the Toma "dynamic" (St. Tomas Monastery on the chart and anchor for the Rose Line). This grid has a "Rider": the Conforti Ur Helios.


NAME: "Tom(ah)": Hebrew: "complete, pious, gentle, coupled together, perfect, prosperous, innocence, miracle, wonder." (I relate this to the GEMINI, male/female, synergic unity, merging in the Central Core-Beam as the Kadmon Template.) "Che" Hebrew: "fresh, strong, life, revive." "An-On, Ra,

El" the three names of God in the 3 Continua.


DESCRIPTION: This is the central axis of the three axes (Dendera Temple format) thus it resonates with both the side axes, synthesizing them with its own divine function. The vertical Heya-Ehye Pillar uses the 3 axes as its horizontal components but the Toma Che-AnOnRaEl axis is its primary using the TOMA pole as its NORTH GATE and also the feed into the ROSE LINE also as its North Gate. (North Gate accesses the higher angelic heavens.)

The axis links with the CONFORTI UR axis in the GATE OF ISIS (this is also the Asherim Ring/Pillar). The TOMA North Gate point resonates directly with the NORTH CAPE or GUARDUS INSULA pole in the Conforti Ur axis. Both function as complementary "Heel Stones" (NE poles) for the Imtara Rhis.


This is the primary (horizontal) axis for the Imtara Rhis feeding the Central Hub (Ruta Sar Hanok) so I've added the 3 names of God (the "An-On" being a Dipole or "DiOn"). The Dion Couplet in this axis are the Toma and Gate of Isis points with the 7 islands between them being the Sheeba creation field. The Toma "twins" or Gemini merge together in the Core Beam as the Kadmon expression of divinity. The SOUTH GATE is established opposite the Toma pole in the 20-POLE RING since this is a spinner system, the Toma pole also spins through all the 20 poles. Refs 3-5 show the relationship of the 20 and 26 pole rings.


2A: CONFORTI UR HELIOS: A heliotropic rider to the Toma Che-AnOnRaEl grid, centered on the Gate of ISIS point. There is a strong case suggesting this grid to be the Primary with the Imtara Rhis being a "Rider"... actually it doesn't seem to make much difference energetically which is spinning around which. (Note LION GATE added info at the end, under the AFRI-RA DOLMONITE grid comments.)


NAME: The Conforti Ur (other galactic race resembling fish, primary Ultra Terrestrials in out system, basis of much of the cosmic cetacean and fish-archetypes). "Helios" indicates its function as a heliotrope. Believed to track the galaxy and any other place and event that supports the Conforti Ur projects and overall highest level of complementary projects throughout the Imtara Rhis Matrix.


DESCRIPTION: This is a long ley from North Cape, Norway, to Nova Scocia. All of it is a Sea-system for the most part. Its North Gate (pivot) is noted as Guardus Insula on the Zeno Chart. It is the most important single subsystem in the Matrix. The Conforti Ur agencies come from a star system outside of Earth's Milky Way; their world is highly evolved where all reside in harmony with one another. They are here now in conjunction with the Crystal Skulls that assist us. They are well known for girding/bracing elements of awareness and understanding and opening ones consciousness to changes in perceptions that may currently hold a solidness within the consciousness and then this works subtly to clear blocks and unfeelingness to allow for openness and change.


Ref. 8 shows the Unicorn and Eagle overlay template with the basic Reshel lines (abbreviated). This also shows the LEON/LION GATE (in the WHOLOS) in the apex of the Reshel's penta-star around the Glory pole (which energetically includes Trondheim). This is the root of the Unicorn's horn with the Gate of ISIS at the tip of the horn, central point of rotation and receiver of all the Rider's input. The Lion Gate feeds the huge SEED matrix (Wholos) into the Rose Line and Unicorn horn. This large Reshel spans the Atlantic, deep into NE America and NW Europe. Ref. 8 identifies the hearts of the Eagle and Unicorn, the two resonant NORTH GATES (into the higher angelic heavens) supporting the Matrix.


3. CHEN-AUR TARA-MALECHIUM: (Chen-Owr Tara-Malechium) ...whole spinner contains center Masculine pillar, center pillar, relative to the female outer ring.


NAME: Correlate "kinnowr (harp); kinneroth (fem plur) and kinnereth (fem. sing.)": meaning "harp shaped"). The similar sounding word: "Chen" as the Grace version with "aur/owr" as "fire, lightning, light"; "Tara" being the Harp's song and "Malechim" relating to the new race. The outer ring contains

the 26 (2 x 13+26) pole ring with rhombic and Reshel systems linking across the ring to from etheric "living antennae" in the form of life and DNA coded light matrices. In the Ptah Hold system these were grounded by living, albeit suspended, Grail King/Enochian beings as the "Vault of the Kings" and empowerment for the inner system. These 13 matrices detect and process the Zodiacal and other systems' codes in defining the new Race of Malechium, also in programs relevant to the Ascension.


DESCRIPTION: The outer rings' 26 poles load the 13 Zodiacal Hierarchies' inputs, using both the Mazzaroth and Mazaloth zodiacs as relevant to any ongoing action. ISIS dipoles convert the codes in the total Chen-Aur Tara-Malechium system to magnetic formats assimilated into the Planet and other forms. The musical tones in the outer ring or "Harp's Song" relate to the harmonics created in the conversion of the zodiacal and other celestial inputs into the electro-magnetic formats. This is the Creation Lord's “TUATH" or "becoming the wind in the strings of the Harp" (a Metatronic state of being). This science will also relate to the Geo-cerebral Alignment or "Critical Rotational Positioning" (CRP) using musical chords. Each life or matrix of lives might correlate with a single tone when integrated into the whole Ring... this concept expanded to the level of the Racial Mind/Soul would fit.


3A. CHENOW-KIM SADA-MA: (HeruZarMaEl Sada-Ma): The 13 dual vaults (male/female) or the "Vault of the Kings/Queens" in the Chen-Aur Tara-Malechium. Vault of the Enochian Lords


NAME: "Chenow-Kim" translates as: "I am completion; my name means Trust Fully; Final Thought.

I am one who bring co-ordination to the now within the Template of the Divine. I function in and through the belief that one can be in all places and in all spaces. My name is the key to understanding and to knowing that I am the One and the All. I am completion and I am birth; a circle and a spiral."


"Sada-Ma" is the "Vault of the Lords."


DESCRIPTION: Each vault can be seen as the Dion Couplet format. The head of the being is toward the Center of the wheel. The central creation field of each couplet, where the being is, uses a Reshel and rhombic system. Where all the heads are oriented inward, the one "Nephthys" pole serves as the

Head-pole for all of them. The central core beam with "entrained" being becomes the composite Kadmon Being. Since there are two Dion Couplet vaults in each diameter, a male and female, the central Kadmon Being is a synergic unity of both male and female. Both are individual but both exist as a unit. This central Reshel energetic is seen as Reference 6.


3B. AMI-OM-MA SPINNER (Ami-Om-Ma): Dual Vault system rotating through the Chen-Aur Tara-Malechium ring and Chenow-Kim Sada-Ma grid.


NAME: As given by Atla, relating to the synthesis of the 20 Cycles in this Continuum's total reality frame, as expressed in the synthesis of the Messianic men and women "mates" (refer Gemini dynamic) of all the Cycles. The composite becomes the KADMON template. The unified Grail Kings/Queens are a direct harmonic.


DESCRIPTION: The 13 dual Vault diametric systems are integrated and coordinated by the spinner "AMI-OM-MA." This is one of the Hathor Temples' 3 axes; it locks into Trondheim. It transverses in one full revolution each 24 hours however it can also "clone" or duplicate itself to track special zodiacal and other celectial events as needed, not limited to the 24 hour cycle.


3C: ASHERIM : Middle ring of trees/pillars in Dione Couplet: Asherim Pillar.


NAME: From "Ehye Asher Ehye" or "I Am That I Am." Hebrew meaning "trees, groves, systems of 10, etc." The central tree in the creation field in the Dion Couplet.


DESCRIPTION: There are two rings, the outer ring for the minor axis of the rhombus and the inner ring for the center or "Tree" in the Couplet's creation field. The "rhombus" is actually the NUUR (Bethlehem) angles in the Reshel system; the design serves both functions.


3C. MAZALOTH TARA-MARII: Outer ring ("Zodiacal Song of the Life-Continuum (?)") Female polar agents (ISIS: Magnetic transducers) govern each inner creation field represented by a horizontal life coding matrix shown as a human and filled by Enochian masters in suspended state in the Aitamkaphta temple system. The Dion Couplet models this energetic. These female poles interact with the unified androgynous pillar in the Center. The dual dipole feature of the inner and outer poles make each one androgynous however the inner one is predominately male and the outer is female, a type of "harem" as it were. This is a simplified version of something that could be more complex by adding individual males for every female, around the middle system. This is a more accurate way of viewing it.